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Link Building: Outsourcing Vs. In-House. Which is the Smart Choice?

Many tend to believe that backlinks don’t affect a site’s SERP ranking. They would be amazed to know that the first result of a SERP has 3.8 times more backlinks than the second result.

So, yeah, you may or may not believe that backlinks are a factor in site ranking. Regardless of what you believe, you need to build links.

No one has stopped building links.

When it comes to link building, you can do it in two ways. Either you can outsource, or you can DIY.

But how to know what option you should opt for? 

To me, it is actually a no-brainer. I will reveal my answer at the end of this article.

But before making a decision, let’s weigh both options.

Outsourcing Vs. In-House

In-House Link Building 

In-house link building is the process of building quality links with the help of the internal team. 

When an internal team carries out the link building process, the company will have more control over the whole process.

The major advantage of in-house link building is that you can choose exactly what you want.

The DR of the blog, traffic, spam score, site design, etc. How fun!

To be honest, that sums up all the pros of in-house link building.

Yes, in-house link building offers complete control over the process, but the resources, time, and cost involved make it undesirable.

Blogger outreach is an integral part of link building. Plainly put, this process is exhausting. It will bring your team's morale down.

Blogger outreach is the process of finding blogs that accept guest posts, reaching out to them, and making them your associates.

This process may sound simple enough, but finding blogs relevant to your niche and that match your metric requirements is really, really hard. In addition, converting bloggers into your associates within your budget is nearly impossible.

Another problem with in-house link building is that it interrupts the company’s core goals. Link building requires a large budget, time, and resources. This budget and resources can be used to achieve the company’s core goals. 

There are many challenges to in-house linkbuilding. If you can overcome these challenges, kudos! It will pay off. But if you fail, it will be miserable.


Outsourcing is the process of hiring an agency to do the hard work for you. At first glance, outsourcing might sound expensive. Honestly, it is expensive but nowhere near in-house link building expensive.

You can heavily cut back on costs by finding a good and reliable link building agency. For example, a pack of links on DR60+ blogs costs around $10000 on Link Builder. The same package costs around $3000 on our site. You can check out our prices here.

The statement that you don't have control over the process when you outsource link building is a complete myth. The link building agency will involve you in the process from the beginning. From choosing the blogs, you have the final say on everything. At least, that’s what we do. 

The major advantage of partnering with an agency is that you will get access to thousands of blogs relevant to your niche and matching your required metrics.

You don’t have to spend hours or weeks trying to find a good blog. They already have it.

Outsourcing link building is like typing in a cheat code in GTA that gives you a bunch of resources.

Many things make outsourcing link building a necessity. Blogger outreach service is the primary among them. 

The Verdict

I think if you have read the blog till now, you know the verdict already. Yes, outsourcing is the smart choice.

Outsourcing has many significant advantages over in-house link building, such as the guest post outreach service.

Yes, in-house link building can work. But why stress yourself with in-house link building, when you can just sit back, relax, and focus on your goal? This is what outsourcing brings to the table and cannot be ignored.

Remember, in the end, achieving your primary goal is more important than accomplishing side missions. Outsource and have fun!


Published on: 2023-05-10

Tags: Blogger Outreach Service

Written By: John