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Hereís Everything You Need to Know About Linkable Assets for Effective Link Building

Hereís Everything You Need to Know About Linkable Assets for Effective Link Building

A lot of websites are struggling to get the backlinks they need to improve their rankings.

Do you ever struggle to find links? Then you probably donít have anything on your website that gets the links. Receiving inbound links for each blog article is unbelievably time-consuming due to the amount of outreach needed to get links to just one page or article. 

The truth is, there is a specific type of content that earns links much more easily than others. These are called "linkable assets."

So, if you want to stop wasting your money and time, and if you wish to receive those highly coveted editorial links, the right way to do it is to create content that people really desire to view and share. Are you ever looking for the best ways to build links effectively? Then, keep reading this blog post completely to know everything in detail. 

What Exactly are Linkable Assets?

First of all, you have to understand what makes linkable assets vary from your run-of-the-mill, normal content. 

Many of the websites have content. Perhaps, they share a video here and there and publish a blog article once a week. There is a lot of content floating across the web, but some are linkable assets.

A linkable asset refers to any piece of top-quality content that other people may find worth linking back to. Linkable assets attract backlinks, citations, and shares because they offer something of value to your target audience. 

It could be a unique take on a present issue, a new solution to an old issue, something exciting, interesting, entertaining, educational, or all of the above. 

Linkable assets can take various forms, such as guides, infographics, case studies, and much more. Generally, a linkable asset is any part of an organization or website that its target audience will recognize genuinely as worth referencing or citing. It offers value to an intended audience over a source of data or information. You can also use any medium that works for you and the topic you are trying to handle. 

Nowadays, you canít get quality backlinks without building a linkable asset. Thatís why it is important to create a linkable asset that handles competition and link velocity. 

The main purposes of Linkable assets:

  • Linkable assets keep attracting links to your site

  • They generate leads, audiences, and brand advocates

  • They strengthen your website's authority, expertise, and brand awareness

  • They increase your website traffic, social media visibility, and search engine visibility

Types of Linkable Assets

Let us have a look at some of the effective types of linkable assets and why they are important to your business when you wish to increase your SEO ranking through link building:

Linkable assets can differ based on the target audience, industry, relevance, and quality of the content created. 

Tools and Calculators

Several utilities, tools, and online calculators are incredible ways to strengthen your link building, build a ton of value for your community, and get other indirect business advantages. For example, the color scheme generator, HubSpotís Advertising ROI calculator, and much more.

Informative Infographics

Infographics are still one of the most famous content formats when it comes to building linkable assets. They were all the rage in the SEO community a few years ago. It is simple to view why: they can attract more links. It is important to understand that the infographic content should be presented in a highly visual format. 

Listicles, Round-ups, and Rankings

Round-ups and rankings are the most effective ways to earn links because they offer a valid reason for doing so. When the industry website calls you the "fastest-developing company" or "one of the best SEO agencies, thatís something you may wish to show off to your audience and get benefits from them.  

Case Studies 

Case studies can be used as linkable assets to demonstrate the success of your strategies, services, or products. It is the detailed report of real-life projects or situations that demonstrate how an issue was solved or a goal was accomplished. They generally cover elements such as:

  • Problem statement

  • Background information

  • Recommendations and Lessons Learned

  • Outcomes and results

  • Solution description

Case studies tend to attract more links to marketing-related sites. It mainly occurs for two reasons, such as:

They cover elements that are easily referable, such as graphs, numbers, data, and charts.

They can be utilized as a way for content creators to support their arguments or statements with evidence. 

They give concrete evidence of the value of the business and can be used to persuade potential customers or clients to work with you. It is an amazing way to get more backlinks from authoritative sites.

How To Create Linkable Assets

  • Find and Understand Your Target Audience: It is essential to be clear about how you want to approach your linkable assets. So, the first step is that you have to understand your target audience before doing any task. It is also applicable to any marketing effort. You should take your own time to find out what your target audienceís likes, interests, challenges, dislikes, and pain points are. And then use that information to narrow down topics, select the right medium, and market your linkable asset. 

  • Identify Search Intent and How Your Competitors Are Working: It is important to search for relevant topics to create content through trend analysis and competitor research. You have to plug in the keyword to rank on Google for competitor research. And then, it is necessary to check out the top three or five lists on the pageówhat types of content? Are these? Suppose they have done all the videos; then you must create a video. When they have posted long-detailed articles, then it should be the right format for your own linkable asset.

  • Get Information From Multiple Sources: If you are building a video or doing your research, opportunities are there to change to other books, websites, studies, films, and books for extra information. There are two main reasons to get information from various sources: First, you need to have a more complete and detailed understanding of your subject matter, and it will be simpler to write your own professional take. The second reason is that you can easily find any gaps in knowledge that current published content is not filling.

  • Develop Content with Success: Dan and Chip Health created the Success framework. Based on the success model, there are components that your linkable assets must have to resonate with your audience. It can be unexpected, simple, credible, concrete, stories, or emotional attachment. It is always important to build top-quality content rather than more content. It will take more effort and time, but the results are worthwhile.

  • Design it to Look Good: It is necessary to make your piece beautiful and good so many will link to it. Based on how your article looks, busy people will make the linking decision easily. The article should include multi-media, call-outs, responsive design, social proof, and custom graphics. 

  • Share Your Linkable Asset: As we all know, great content shares itself. It is important to get more exposure by sharing your content as much as possible. There are various different ways to do this, such as guest posting, posting on your blog, sharing it through the email list, reaching the influencers, and placing Ads on Facebook and other websites.

  • Track Your Progress: It is important to have backlink tools so you can check how many backlinks and referring domains any single page has and its traffic dollar value. 

  • Update Your Content Regularly: Whenever it is possible, you should update your content so that you will know about the status of your linkable assets. It is always going to be simpler to update your main resource materials than it is to make completely new ones. Moreover, you can always re-promote your linkable assets and make them worth backlinking.


Final Thoughts

Linkable assets are most effective in that they can benefit your business in various ways. Creating a linkable asset that bloggers, publishers, and general websites will take advantage of to decrease outreach time and get links without any outreach process. Any business can use the power of linkable assets to increase its SEO efforts and achieve long-term success with the right resources and tools. Businesses can attract high-quality backlinks and improve their search engine rankings and online reputation. 

While launching a link building campaign, it is necessary to create a piece that is easily linkable. 

Just start building linkable assets and earn more links. 


Published on: 2023-06-24

Tags: SEO, Link Building

Written By: Katherine